The detailed working process of  RO system   The The detailed working process of  RO Read more

The detailed working process of  RO system


The The detailed working process of  RO system looks very complicated. Simply speaking, the feed water flow into the 1st RO unit, pure water from the 1st stage flow from the center pipe and goes to the pure water tank. The concentrated water flow into the next stage as the feed water. And after the 2nd stage RO unit, the pure water from the 2 stage will be collected and flow to the pure water tank, and the concentrate water from the 2nd stage RO unit will be discharged.



The working process of ro system 1 stage
working process of RO system feed water
working process of RO system feed water

After passing the anti scale of injection point,the feed water flow to the RO high pressure pump. The high pressure pump create the high pressure to the feed water. This high pressure is very important for the RO unit.

After the high pressure pump, the water flow enters the first stage supply header. This header distributes flow to each of the 2 first stage pressure vessels, as described in the RO fundamental section of this course. The first stage pressure vessels have 2 flow paths, which exit the other side of the membrane vessels. The part of water is collected from a tube located in the center of the pressure vessels.This water is called permit water. Because the fact that it has permeated and passed through the membrane. It is also called product water, as it is the purified product. Water from the pressure  vessel permit is collected from the 2 pressure vessels.And flow into the pure water tank.


The working process of ro system 2nd stage
working process of RO system pure water
working process of RO system pure water


In the first stage, permit water collection header concentrate flow is the feed water from which water molecules have been removed with the contaminants remaining behind. The concentration of contaminants goes up due to the loss of pure water. Therefore, this water is called concentrate water.

The first stage concentrate water passes to the inlet header for the second stage pressure vessels. Pressure vessels is provided by flow from this header as with the first stage pressure vessels.
There are two exiting flow paths from each second stage pressure vessel. This flow path consists of the concentrated reject water from the first stage of the RO which was further concentrated in the second stage of the RO unit. Concentrate flow is the final reject flow of the system. When it is in operation, this concentrate can be directed to the discharged water tank, where it can then be transferred to the solid contact unit or holding pond. Concentrate from the RO can also be sent directly to the neutralization basin, which normally occurs when concentrate is collected during RO cleaning or UF cleaning.



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