Reverse osmosis plant

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water,To push the water pass through a semi-permeable membrane by a certain pressure to reach the target.The of reverse osmosis plant is the kind of equipment ,it is using the kind of technology to purified the water to reduce the content of pollutants in water to meet the needs of industrial and domestic water;

The advantage

1.Running stable high desalination and recovery rate;

2.Easy to operate and small maintenance workload;

3.Compact structure and saves installation place;

4.Highly efficient and low energy consumption ;

5.No secondary pollution and low operation cost.

3000lph single stage RO system
3000lph single stage RO system

The Applications: The reverse osmosis plant is widely used in electronics, chemical industry, electricity, medicine, metallurgy and other industries;

• Homes and Villas
• Hotels/Hospitals
• Commercial Complexes
• Kindney Dialysis Unit
• Poultry Farms
• Food and beverages industry
• Bottled water plants
• Cooling tower /Boiler feed water

20TPH reverse osmosis plant
20TPH reverse osmosis plant