What is industrial ro plant Industrial  RO plant is a kind of equipment. It is Read more

industrial ro plant

 What is industrial ro plant

Industrial  RO plant is a kind of equipment. It is using the reverse osmosis technology as the main technology to purified water. According to different requirements of the production water from the system, different designs and plans are carried out. Different components and pipelines are

industrial ro plant

adopted to meet the water quality requirements as well. Generally, the producing capacity of industrial reverse osmosis system are relatively large. And the requirements of water production TDS or conductivity are very different.  ZHNGHE will offer the design of single-stage and double-stage reverse osmosis equipment for customers to accor

ding to their specially requirements.

What industrial RO plan can do

Industrial reverse osmosis RO plant can get rid of 99.9% of salts and contaminates from totally different impure feed water. The feed water can be the municipal, brackish and surface water.  It blocks microorganism, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes, and impurities that comprehend a mass of over 150-250 chemist.


The Production Capacity of ZHONGHE

The Industrial RO Plant specially style for the precise industries as per their necessities. Zhonghe can give a large vary of pre-engineered and custom industrial reverse osmosis systems. The capacity from 250LPH (Liters per hour) to hundred TPH( Tons per hour )to satisfy each industrial water treatment application. These energy economical industrial RO units turn out high-quality water at very low energy consumption.

The quality guarantee and service from ZHONGHE

The Industrial Reverse osmosis RO systems from Zhonghe are customized specifically according to the water treatment requirment.  Zhonghe have their own professional team of application, mechanical and chemical engineers.  And Zhonghe builds the RO system with only top quality parts which will offer reliable long-run operation.  They will been transited to your position to be tested. Also  complete documentation and operator coaching are avaliable.  Zhonghe also will additionally offer the pretreatment instrumentation and chemistry needed to confirm best performance. Zhonghe a full service support team out there 24/7 to help with any emergencies.

Applications of the RO plants

All the industrial reverse osmosis plants from Zhonghe are rigorously custom-made. The systems are organized to suit the individual demand of the pure water. The applications from traditional drinking application to the precise usage, like food process, prescribed drugs and boiler feeding demand.  This is often done through a deep and complete qualitative analysis of the feed water from the clients.


The detailed configuration


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