3TPH reverse osmosis system , using the DOW RO membrane BW30-400 , with the FRP membrane vessel,CNP pumps. The water produce capacity is 3 tons per hour.

3TPH reverse osmosis

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reverse osmosis system 3TPH , equiped with the DOW RO membrane BW30-400. The material of membrane vessel is FRP. The booster pump and high pressure pump is CNP branded. The water produce capacity is 3 tons per hour.

3TPH reverse osmosis system
3TPH reverse osmosis system
The Applications of the reverse osmosis system 3TPH

Generally use in cosmetic industry,boiler,food&beverage industry,chemistry industy,pharmacy industry and public drinking water supply;







The configurations of the ro system 3TPH
1 Model ZHRO-3000
2 Production capacity 3000 L/Hr
3 Power 6.0kw
4 Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
5 Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane BW30-400 3pcs USA DOW
6 Membrane housing 8040-1  *3 pcs FRP
7 Quartz sand filter, activated Carbon filter φ600×1850 FRP   2pcs
8 Scale inhibitor feeder WELL-3
9 Security filter 30 “× 5μm ,5core
10 Raw water pump CHL8-40/1.5KW  1 set CNP
11 High pressure pump CDL8-14/5.5KW   1 set CNP
12 Size (mm) main machine:1700X1100X1700mm
filtering tank:Φ600×1850mm
13 Desalination rate more than 97%
14 Ion remove rate 99.99%
15 Recovery rate 55-75%
16 Control system Electric control
17 Certification ISO, SGS,CE
The Main components of the system

1.High pressure pump:Provide the pressure to the RO unit

3TPH reverse osmosis system components
3TPH reverse osmosis system components

2.Membrane house:The FRP membrane house. Resistance to high pressure; To be a pressure vessel to ensure the working pressure of membrane components. Keep the RO membrane be safty and stable

3.Flow meters:Timely,instantly, accurate and intuitive display the flow rate of concentrated water and pure water so that to timely monitoring and adjustment;

4.Main control cabinet:To control the normal operation of the entire reverse osmosis system. Including dashboard, control panel, all kinds of electrical protection, electrical control cabinets..




The features of the system
  1. The main components in most popular branded production.These brands have been widely used in the water treatment industry.After a long time of application, their quality has been confirmed by customers;
  2. One-body machine design, easy to install and transport. The volume is small, occupying less ground, facilitating installation and use of customers;
  3. The membrane vessel in FRP material, high pressure resistance;
  4. Stainless steel frame, strong and stable;


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