Hemodialysis Water RO equipment 2.5T The hemodialysis water ro equipment is a kind of equipment Read more

hemodialysis water ro equipment 2.5TPH

Hemodialysis Water RO equipment 2.5T

The hemodialysis water ro equipment is a kind of equipment which widely used now. It can purified the water to meet the specified requirement of the hemodialysis process

hemodialysis water ro equipment 2.5TPH
hemodialysis water ro equipment

Hemodialysis is a medical treatment for kidney disease. The patients may be  may be exposed to more than 300L of water per week. The process is through the semi-permeable membrane of the hemodialysis device or hemodialysis filter. So the quality of the water which been used to prepare dialysis solution should be controled well.  The water usually been treated by the special  equipment to meets the specified requirements.


The Configurations of the Equipment


Progress Model ZHRO-2500
Pre-treatment system Production capacity 2500 L/Hr
Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
Booster pump CHL4 SUS304  AC220 CNP
Multi-media filter Bacteriostatic; thicken  type
Activated Carbon filter Bacteriostatic; thicken  type
Softener Bacteriostatic; thicken  type
Security filter PP-20
the first stage RO unit High pressure pump CDM10 SUS304 AC380V CNP
Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane ESPA1 * 3 pcs HYDRANAUTICS
Membrane vessel SUS304
the Send stage RO unit High pressure pump CDM5  SUS304 AC380V CNP
Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane ESPA4 *2 pcs HYDRANAUTIC
Membrane vessel SUS304
intelligent control system Control cabinet Stainless steel spray
Control system PLC touch screen
Frame for main equipment SUS304


The hemodialysis water ro equipment is specially designed to meet the requirements of dialysis water

1.The Raw water pressurizer:

Use the CNP special pump, material stainless steel SUS304; The pre-treatment system  is equipped with pressure buffer tank and intelligent automatic controller. It can avoid the damage from the change of water pressure and water quantity. So as to avoid the damage to the subsequent reverse osmosis process, ensure the production water quality to meets the requirements

2.The pre-treatment system:
ro equipment pre-treatment tank
ro equipment pre-treatment tank
  • The filter tank : using the bacteriostatic; thicken  type, Ensure that the water produced is not contaminated by bacteria;


  • Automatic control valve:    Automatic control for the filtration operation, pre-treatment system including washing and backwashing. It could ensure the normal operation of pre-treatment process operation and stable performance of the pre-treatment system
3. The RO(reverse osmosis) Unit
  • The RO unit  is designed in double stage.  The pure water which been purified from first stage will
    RO unit for hemodialysis water ro equipment 2.5TPH
    RO unit for hemodialysis water ro equipment 2.5TPH

    flow into the second stage reverse osmosis membrane unit. This will make the production water more pure. And lower the content of harmful substances. Fully meet the requirements of hemodialysis water;

  • Reverse osmosis membrane :  The USA brand HYDRANAUTICS membrane is been used.  Its quality has been widely recognized and fully verified in the industry. It is the  guarantee of the stability of water quality. At the same time, it also guarantees the service life of the whole system;
  • Reverse osmosis membrane vessel: SUS 304 stainless steel ,  flange end cover. It has the characteristics of pressure r
    esistance, no dead Angle, high sanitary level and convenient disassembly and installation





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