1000LPH RO water plant/ Chinese manufacture The RO water plant, capacity 1000liters per hour,stable, low Read more

1000LPH RO water plant

1000LPH RO water plant/ Chinese manufacture

The RO water plant, capacity 1000liters per hour,stable, low consumption and high efficiency, with the pre-treatment system,UV and ozone generators is avaliable


What is RO

The RO water plant is the kind of equipment which using the technology of reveres osmosis to purified the water, and this technology has been widely used in the water purification industry

ro water plant
ro water plant 1000LPH

Zhonghe has 10 years experience dealing with water treatment equipment; have Excellent working partner which cooperated well;with High efficient production technology team and Advanced R & D team to keep up with the latest technology in the industry;

The advantage of 1000LPH Stainless steel China manufacture RO water plant

1.Running stable high desalination and recovery rate;

2.Easy to operate and small maintenance workload;

3.Compact structure and saves installation place;

4.Highly efficient and low energy consumption ;

5.No secondary pollution and low operation cost;


Application of 1000LPH Stainless steel China manufacture RO water treatment plant:The reverse osmosis plant water treatment is widely used in electronics, chemical industry, electricity, medicine, metallurgy and other industries;

• Homes and Villas

• Hotels/Hospitals

• Commercial Complexes

• Kindney Dialysis Unit

• Poultry Farms

• Food and beverages industry

• Bottled water plants

• Cooling tower /Boiler feed water

Working Process

Single stage reverse osmosis system

Raw water → Raw water tank → Raw water pump → Quartz sand Filter → Activitated carbon Filter → Scale inhibitor system → Ultrafilter (Security filter) → High Pressure  Pump → Reverse Osmosis Host System → Pure Water Tank


ro water plant flow chart
ro water plant flow chart


Configurations of 1000LPH ro water plant

1 Model ZHRO-1000
2 Production capacity 1000 L/Hr
3 Power 2.3kw
4 Power supply AC 380V 50Hz
5 Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane LCLE-4040 4pcs USA DOW
6 Membrane housing 4040-1 *4pcs stainless steel
7 Raw water pump CHL4-40/0.75KW   1set CNP
8 Quartz sand filter, activated Carbon filter,softener φ300×1400 stainless steel   3pcs
9 Security filter 20 “× 5μm ,3core
10 High pressure pump CDL2-15/1.5KW     1 set CNP
11 Activated carbon 50kg
12 Quartz sand 150kg
13 Resin 75L
14 Size (mm) main machine: 1900X700X1700mm
filtering tank:Φ300×1400mm
15 Desalination rate more than 98%
16 Ion remove rate 99.99%
17 Recovery rate 55-75%
18 Control system PLC control

The main Components of the reverse osmosis equipment

ro water plant components
ro water plant components




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